No Diego today; Girl’s Day Out…

Yep, that is correct: no Diego from 10:45 am to 5:45 pm.  Eric took care of Diego all day! Now that is a reason why I love this man.

Two of Eric’s Milwaukee cousins came to Chicago today.  They brought two out-of-town cousins (they are from Plano, TX) and two friends.  So it was totally girl’s day out on the town.

We went to the Millennium Park. We did a little window shopping on the Michigan Ave. Then we hopped on the free trolley to Navy Pier. When we got there, we were tired from the walking so we rested for a bit. During this time, we had some Starbucks (thanks Maggie!). Then the fun really started.

We went to the Build-A-Bear store. One of the girls bought a Hello Kitty for her daughter. It was really cute. Got her a couple of outfits with matching footware. I bought a Bears Uniform for Diego’s bear, Cubby.

So then we took the trolley to Water Tower Place. We went Victoria Secret’s first. Then we went to Foodlife. It is a really cool restaurant that has 13 food stations: Mexican, Chinese, American, Italian, etc. Have to shout out to Laura who treated me to dinner, THANKS!

By then, we were tired and full so I called Eric to pick us up and take us home. The Milwaukee Crew’s ride had showed up and then they went home. I had a great time but in the end, I was just happy to see Diego. I missed him so much!


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