5 am…

Diego woke up at 5 am this wonderful morning.  I knew already that he was going to wake up early but I am (gratefully) surprised it was at 5 and not 1 am.

Why did I know this?  Because the night before, he drank 10 ounces of juice before he went to bed.  When he does this (and I try to avoid it because of this), he has the tendency to soak himself.  His diaper cannot hold the amount necessary to not soak himself.  It was crazy.  Soaked his diaper, onesie, pajamas and his crib sheet.

As expected he was not happy.  I had to strip him down.  Thankfully Eric helped out.

After getting him into dry clothes and a dry diaper, I sat down in his rocking chair.  It was 5:30 am.  We eventually fell asleep.  I woke up at 6 am but I had a dilema:  1) Put him in the crib and risk him waking up or 2) just stay in the chair and be uncomfortable for the next hour and half.  Chose option 2 of course.

Things we do for our children.  =)


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