The Potty Saga Continues…

As previously written, Diego has used the potty chair once. We are really not pushing this but when the opportunity arises, we go for it. Usually after we bathe Diego was bathed, we let him play in the tub for a little while. After a while, we noticed he was grunting. I hightailed it to get the potty chair from the downstairs bathroom. We take Diego out of the bath, dry him off a little bit and sit him down on the chair. He was pointing to himself and saying “poo poo” in Spanish. We were cheering him on. So we waited and waited. He was playing with some rubber “ucks” while sitting on the potty. And we waited some more. This went on for about 30 minutes. So finally Eric finally asked Diego if he wanted up. He did and we noticed that he had gone number 1. Diego peed in the potty and we did not even notice. Yay!!!

Saga continues…


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