Justin Concert…

I am desperately need of a nap right now, but we had a great time.

I am glad I went.  I am not a huge fan of his but it was a really great concert.

Pink was the opening act.  She was great.  She was on for 45 minutes.  She did some funky trapeze act at the end.  I wish I was that limber. =)

There was a 30-40 minute break.  After some people watching*, Justin appeared.  The crowd went nuts.  It is amazing how loud the crowd roar was.

Manda swears JT was singing to her. Laughing Every time I glanced at her, she was swooning. She reminded me of this smiley:

He sang all his popular tunes, plus others I never heard of.  I am definitely going to buy his latest album.  I have been meaning too but it hasn’t been top priority. 

There was a 15 minute break with Timbaland mixing it up.  He later came back to sing SexyBack with Justin.

Took a while to get out of the parking lot.  Once we did, traffic was light which was good since it was 12:30 am when I dropped Manda home.

I got home before 1 AM.  Brushed teeth and put my jammers on and crashed.

*There were a lot of dumb people around us but it just added more entertainment to the night.

*What makes people show up to their seats 2 HOURS after the concert started?!?!?!?


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