Cloth Diapering…

Diego has been soaking thru his diaper at night. Especially when he drinks a lot before going to bed. I try to avoid giving him any drinks after 6 pm but sometimes he asks for a drink so I give it to him since I don’t want to deny him this. I mean, if you are thirsty, you take a drink. Same for Diego.

Well, anyway, he already wears Huggies Overnights which are already think but they are not thick enough on some nights. On the nights they do work, awesome and yay all around. But on the nights they don’t work, then it is a wet kid and sometimes even a wet crib. So after checking around, I decided to go for cloth diapers.

These are not your old fashion cloth diapers. They are the bumGenius 2.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper. I got them today. I bought three different colors: White, Grasshopper (green) and Twilight (blue). They look great. I get to try one for 14 days and see if it works. I truly hope so. If it doesn’t, I get to return them and get my money back. They were not cheap. They were $17 each. I figure if they work, he will probably wear them for 6 months so it comes out even. We shall see. The test starts tomorrow.


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