Lost the CDing Love…

It only lasted three months.

I just did not have the support to continue doing cloth diapers at night. Eric bought a bag of Huggies Overnights and it just went downhill from there. I started to make any excuse so I could use the disposables instead.

So I am selling of my six Fuzzi Bunz diapers. I already sold two so it makes me hopeful that I will sell the other four soon.

Adios! Thanks for the wonderful 3 months. Until next time, perhaps?


Fuzzi Bunz Dance…

Well, I went ahead and splurged on some more Fuzzi Bunz. It kind sucks to keep washing the same one over and over. It kinda defeats the propose of saving environment, ya know?

So for my quest on finding everything I needed at one website, I found The Stork Warehouse. I ordered 4 diapers (sage, periwinkle, baby blue & butter), a WAHMies All Day Wetbag and extra inserts.

So will have a nice nighttime diaper rotation once I do get them.  I will be laundering less, probably once a week. And I will have a nice bag to keep them in.

So now it is count down time.  I will be expecting fluffy mail by the end of the week. 🙂

Cloth Diapering Part Duex – Night 5

I can say this diaper rocks! After drinking lots and lots of liquid last night, Diego woke up dry. I am in heaven. The only thing is I have to figure how tight I need to have the thigh snaps snapped at. This morning he woke up with red marks on one leg. Right now I snap them on the second snap closest to his skin. I may just do the first one and see if that helps.

Cloth Diapering Part Duex – Night 2

More good news. Diego woke up dry free again. Why didn’t I try Fuzzi Bunz before? I think Manda suggested it awhile back. Why didn’t I listen to her?? Live and learn right? All the wetness stayed inside the diaper and it was even more than yesterday. I am loving them. Still triple stuffing them but if I see that he did not drink too much tonight, I am going to try just double stuffed. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Cloth Diapering Part Duex…

Well, here I go again. This time the culprit is this cute Fuzzi Bunz Print. It is a blue Zoo Print diaper. I am still having issues with finding a good nighttime diaper. I am giving this diaper a chance. I only ordered one this time around with some extra inserts. I have a feeling I will need to double the insert.

As for the BG 2.0s, I have sold one, another is pending and the last one is still looking for a new owner. It’s not over. 🙂

Bye Cloth Diapers…

I am slowing selling the bum Genius 2.0’s. I have to go the post office today and mail the twilight one to a lady in Canada. The grasshopper one is on hold for another lady. So, now I have the white one left. They are really cute but just too bad it did not work out for us.

Once Diego is ready to potty train, I will check out the trainers. I am not sure how they work (or should work) but I will do more research before buying anything.