Cloth Diapering Part Duex…

Well, here I go again. This time the culprit is this cute Fuzzi Bunz Print. It is a blue Zoo Print diaper. I am still having issues with finding a good nighttime diaper. I am giving this diaper a chance. I only ordered one this time around with some extra inserts. I have a feeling I will need to double the insert.

As for the BG 2.0s, I have sold one, another is pending and the last one is still looking for a new owner. It’s not over. 🙂


1 thought on “Cloth Diapering Part Duex…”

  1. Fuzzi Bunz were the only thing that worked for Holden at night. I had to do a triple insert. Ha ha. Of course, he was still nursing to sleep and at least once during the night. And I think his bladder is roughly the size of Idaho, so when he goes, HE GOES. LOL!

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