Shoe Shopping…

We had noticed that Diego’s Geox Jfang8 shoes were getting small for him. So we when to a new children’s shoe store that opened up by us. It is called Tippy Toes. Just opened Friday, April 27. They have a two month guarantee. If they don’t fit within two months, we can just return them and get a new pair in exchange. LOVE that!

We bought him three pairs of shoes. He got a pair of black Crocs as his house shoes, a pair of Tsukihoshi tennis shoes and some Ecco Hide And Seek Teeter Totter sandals.

He wore the tennis shoes home. He kept checking them out. The great thing about those is that they are machine washable. Just take the sole out and throw them in the wash. I like that very much.

Now he is all set for the summer!


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