Sports Fan Vent…

Grrrr!! So the Cubs lost today (and yesterday and probably tomorrow) but that is not going to make me stop being a Cubs fan, ever. I hate when people say what losers they are and it is just a horrible thing to be a Cubs fan. But isn’t that what a fan is? You take the best and the worst of the team you root for. No matter what you just don’t jump to another team because that team have a winning record. I know lots of people like this and it annoys me to no end. I don’t mind if people talk smack, that’s part of the game (I give it too) but DO NOT tell me that I am a loser too because I am a Cub fan.

Cubs 4 Ever!


2 thoughts on “Sports Fan Vent…”

  1. Being a Cubs fan is something that a lot of people can’t experience and that’s a shame because it’s definitely something special! I get mad when people make fun of me, too – it’s hard for others to understand what it’s like from the outside looking in. But being a Cubs fan gives a lot of perspective in other areas of life, too, so we got that goin’ for us. haha Go Cubs

  2. Well, you know how fanatical fans get… 🙂 about their team…my son goes nuts and gloats when his team is ahead, and dead silent when they lose…what do you do? Keep on rooting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today…come by any time.

    P.S. ADORABLE family you three make.

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