Cub Family…

Cub Family

We went to Wrigley Field for the first time this year (hopefully not the last). It was Mia’s first trip there.

It was Cubs vs Pirates. Unfortunately, they lost 4-3 but they almost rallied at the end. We had a good time anyway. Mia was very good and so was Diego. Of course by the 7th inning, they started: Diego was like “when is it over?” and Mia was missing her nap so she started to get cranky. But we all survived the game and we all left happy. It did help that it was Build-A-Bear Day. The bears were adorable as always.


And yeah, Mia took her nap. About two hours worth. 🙂


I was just waiting for a few days to pass before writing this post. The bad news: Cubs lost. They just collapsed. So, so sad! The good news: I’ll be getting a refund for my tickets. 😆 It is just so heart wrenching that the team couldn’t even win ONE, just one. That is all. Make us Cub fans a little happy. But no, they just collapsed. At least the Sox didn’t make it either (at least they won ONE game) so we don’t have hear it from anyone.

Well, at least we still have the Bears. GO BEARS!


Better win the next three games so they can go to the NLCS series. Why you ask? Because are a team that is capable of doing such a thing. And because I scored some tickets for game one of the NLCS at Wrigley.

Go Cubs go! And begging that you win the next three games to win the division and we are going to party like it is 1908!!!

Sports Fan Vent…

Grrrr!! So the Cubs lost today (and yesterday and probably tomorrow) but that is not going to make me stop being a Cubs fan, ever. I hate when people say what losers they are and it is just a horrible thing to be a Cubs fan. But isn’t that what a fan is? You take the best and the worst of the team you root for. No matter what you just don’t jump to another team because that team have a winning record. I know lots of people like this and it annoys me to no end. I don’t mind if people talk smack, that’s part of the game (I give it too) but DO NOT tell me that I am a loser too because I am a Cub fan.

Cubs 4 Ever!