Deck Progress – Day Five

So today after work, Eric raced upstairs to the deck to continue working on the deck. Here is his progress:

Only six more to go!

If you notice the frames on the bottom of the picture, there are boards. Eric and I (yes, little ole me) carried them on Saturday from the garage and up three flights of stairs to the roof. Let me tell ya, it was a workout.

He was able to finish drilling all the boards on the frames except on the ones that he has to cut the wood in order to get around the pipes that are up there. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I doubt he is going to work on the roof. I know he is planning to take a few days of from work this week but it all depends on Mother Nature.

Every time I go up there it just seems like a dream that there is a deck up there. I am so proud of Eric for doing this by himself.


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