Birthday Party Email…

This was an email that was sent to my good friend Jen who happened to miss Sofia’s 1st birthday party. If you don’t know my husband, well, this email said it all.

Used with permission.


You missed it this party was off the charts!!! It was the bizomb!

The birthday girl partied so hard she passed out towards the end of the party. I mean the girl was down for the count. All the while wearing, are you ready for this?, a peek-a-boo dress. But her bodyguard was keeping an eye on the sitch-ee-a-tion. Nobody was a gonna get a peek at her boo while big daddy is around.

The celebrated brother was king of the dance floor. This kid’s got some real Happy Feet.

Now for the part Devin probably “forgot” to mention. The Divine Miss Em was riding a motorcycle. Oh, and the kid is a real swinger. A chip of the old mommy block. She loves to swing. Spin? Not so much. Reminds me off that old eighty’s tune. “you spin me round, round, baby, round, round, like a record, baby, round, round. (man those were lyrics back then)

The Divoky kids never showed. They must have been watching the Cubs trounce the Sox.

Diego Mateo was dirty! Naw, really, the kid’s bath water was brown on Sunday morning. Yeah, the plan was to hose him down as soon as we got home but as soon as we put him in his car seat it was like someone clapped their hands and shut him off for the night. Man, I love the clapper. Not the kind you get from cheap hos. Sorry, honey, I don’t mean you. You’re not
cheap. (no he di’in, yes he di’id)

Speaking of Angelica, she totally know who you are. She just remembers you as the thriller girl. check it out…

Thiller Girl on youtube

As for nudity, I’m holding out for the day when we all get our private island. Or next time we go camping.


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