False Alarms…

My aunt had called me yesterday during the day that that smoke alarms were going off. Completely freaked her out. I know she was cooking so I told her to open all the windows so there could be some wind blowing thru the house. We got home and all is well.

Well, this morning Eric opened the door to the balcony and the door alarm when off. I was up stairs getting Diego ready when this happened. Poor kid freaked out and held onto my legs. I had to rush and turn off the alarm so I had break Diego’s death grip on my legs. I just left him laying on the floor. Poor kid! But even when I turned the alarm off, the fire alarms kept going. 😯

Eric is pressing the reset buttons on the alarms and they quieted down for a bit and they started again. So, Eric called ADT to see what can be going on. They told him to vacuum the alarms and change all the batteries. So we did. Six alarms, six batteries. Thankfully, we had them in the house because I bought a four pack 9V batteries about a month or so again plus there was a two pack already here. Phew!

All thru this time, Diego is just clamped on me like nobody’s business. My poor baby was so traumatized during this time he was just shaking like a leaf. 😦

So I took the day off to make sure the alarms did not go off again. I wish it was on better terms this impromptu day off happened but here I am. Got to take care of the family.


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