Day At The Races…

Happy 4th of July!! What better way to celebrate by going to see some horse races.

Eric had a great idea this morning. We had no idea what to do before going to a BBQ. He suggested going to Arlington Park. So we quickly got ready and left a bit after 12 PM. The first race started at 1 PM. Got there in the nick of time.

When we got there, we thought it was going to rain. There was hardly any sun. There were these really angry looking clouds moving across the sky. The good thing thought was even thought it was hot, no sun to add to the misery. The sun did come out right after the third race though. But it was fine since we were planning to leave right after the four race.


We saw 4 races. The last one was the best one because they were practicing right in front of us and Diego got see the horses.


Not a Mint Julep

While we were waiting for the races to start, there were activities for the kids. They had pony rides and face painting which Diego participated in both.

On the way home, he just knocked out.
So Tired

It was a good way of ending the day at the races.


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