Little Gym Party…


Well, we finally had Diego’s Little Gym party. It was so much fun!!! The party started at 10:30 am, so we packed up the wagon with the goody bags, the cake and the kiddo. 🙂


We had 9 kids plus Diego. Everyone that RSVP’d came. That made us very happy! They had the run of the gym for about 20 minutes and then they did some activities (parachute, air bouncy thing, bubbles, balls). Then once again the kids (and adults) had free gym. They left the air thing until it was time for cake. Diego was very sad when they put it away. He loved it!

We sung Happy Birthday and Diego blew out the candles. Plus he did not do the blowing with the spitting so everyone had a clean piece of cake. 🙂


After having cake and juice, the party was over. But our college friends went over to our house to continue with the after party. We opened presents and Diego loved everything he got.


Once that was done, we had a small BBQ. We had grilled cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Then we went upstairs to the roof and hung out up there. We also brought out the kiddie pool.

Everyone left at 3ish. It seemed that everybody had a great time. I love having parties. Lots of work but at the end, I was a happy camper.

Now, time to get in gear for the next party. 😯


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