My ER Story…

Around 11 pm last night, I got this unbearable pain in my upper abdomen. It hurt so much that I asked Eric to take me to the ER.

I was still dressed so Eric helped me get downstairs, found my shoes and into the garage. Eric asked me to lie down in the back seat. He flew to the hospital, Northwestern Memorial. I remember most of the ride there. I kept telling Eric to slow down and to not go through red lights, which he did a couple of times.

We got there at 11:20 PM. The pain was unbearable that it made me cry a couple of times. I remembered everything the registration lady asked me. So we waited and waited. Sure enough my pain started to go away right around midnight. I thought about going home but I was already there and I just wanted for someone to tell me why I had all this pain. A few minutes later, the pain returned but not as intense. So finally, a nurse called my name.

I was diagnosed with a severe UTI but they were still confused as to why I had pain in the front. They decided to keep in the observation ER area. While I was waiting for a room, they pumped full of rapid infusion antibiotics. Once I got moved to my room, we finally got some sleep. But at 7 am, I was wheeled to get an ultrasound for my gall bladder and liver.

They found gallstones. But my gallbladder is healthy looking so they were not too concerned about doing anything to it right away. They referred me to a surgical consult (that I still have to make). I guess I will be saying goodbye to my gall bladder soon.

I was discharged at 2:30 today.

I feel so much better now but every time I sense something in my tummy area, I kinda freak that it will be the pains. They were much worse than labor pains let me tell ya. I have to modify my diet a bit: low fat, nothing fried, fatty foods, no cheese, no cream of anything, etc. That is okay. Not too bad except the cheese. I love cheese. But I don’t want a re-occurrence of this pain so it is not too hard to do.


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