Big Boy Bed…

Well, it has been done. Diego is now sleeping in a big boy bed!!! Eric and I spent all day Saturday getting his room setup.

Diego's New Bed

Eric had to go pick up the bed from Lazar’s Juvenile Furniture Store in the morning. Once he got home with the boxes, we had to dismantle the crib. Then we realized that we need to clean the room’s carpet. So, while Eric cleared it out, I ran out to Dominick’s to rent one of those carpet cleaning machines. Setup the machine and Eric cleaned the carpet.

Then, he started to put the bed together. We got him a Flexa day bed. It is low to the floor and has a railing all around the bed except a spot where he can get in. The great thing about Flexa is you can get accessories for the bed for when he gets older. It can be a bunk bed or put legs on it to make it into a loft so you can put a desk underneath it.

While Eric was at the store picking up the bed, he found a quilt, some shams and pillows that would be perfect. We wanted to find something that would go with the room but it needed to be big boyish. What he found was the Montana Kidsline bedding. It is really cute. He got the quilt, two pillows (the denim one and one that looks like the quilt) and the three throw pillows. After looking at the other stuff they have, we decided we are going to look for the hamper.

So we needed to find some sheets and a waterproof mattress cover. So off to Target we went. We got that and a clock for his room. By the time we got everything washed and dried, it was 9 PM and he had fallen asleep.

I was worried he wasn’t going to be happy but he slept all thru the night. It has only been one night so we shall see.


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