Baby Steps…

As you know, we haven’t pushed potty training (or learning as some people call it now) on Diego.  Yes, we do ask him if he wants to use the potty but if he says no, that is fine with us.  So it doesn’t hurt to try once in a while right?

Last night, as I was getting Diego for bed, I noticed a dry diaper on him.  So Eric asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom.  He said yes.  At the first potty, Diego did not want to.  Then I asked him if he want to go to the other potty, he said yes.  And sure enough, he did his business there.  I then put his night time diaper on and got him down to sleep.

Fast forward to this morning:  I took off his diaper and notice that it was dry!  So I asked Diego if he wanted to go potty and he said yes.  Eric sat him down and he went.  This is so exciting!!!

Like I said before, no hard core potty training until we come back from Disney but it is so exciting just to know that he can go.


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