Just potty since we haven’t starting the training yet. But I think Mia is this/close for it though.

Mia has been showing interest in using the potty lately. She has been showing the normal signs. The good thing is that when Diego’s, she does too. I am not ready to start the full on training but when she asks to use the potty, she will be catered. Not going to say no. 🙂

So for the past week or so, she has done number 1 three times in the potty. I think it shocks her the fact that she can do something like that. Today was a much bigger shock: she managed to go number 2. Diego, me and Mia were just staring at the potty like OMG. It was awesome. We did high fives and Way to Go’s. After the shock wore off, she was very proud of herself. We dumped in the toilet and had her do the honors of flushing. We all said “bye-bye” as it flushed away.

If she continues to ask to go to the potty/toilet, we will help her out. I only have one more box of diapers. And that is it. Then we move on to Pull Ups and full on potty training. Mia is growing up. How is that even possible? 😉


Potty Saga Continues…

Another first:  Diego did number 2 in the toilet.  We are constantly telling him that if he feels like he has to go, he needs to tell us before he actually does.  Hasn’t been really working because he will tell us right after it happens.

This time, I caught him before he went.  Granted, he did not tell me but he was okay going to the “big” toilet.  I sat him down and he grunt a bit and told me he did not want to go.  So I just told him lets wait a few more minutes.  So we did.  Diego did his fake grunting a couple more times.  Then the golden moment arrived:  a true red in the face grunting and bingo!  Gave him lots of praise and a high five.

I still have to remember: baby steps.

Baby Steps…

As you know, we haven’t pushed potty training (or learning as some people call it now) on Diego.  Yes, we do ask him if he wants to use the potty but if he says no, that is fine with us.  So it doesn’t hurt to try once in a while right?

Last night, as I was getting Diego for bed, I noticed a dry diaper on him.  So Eric asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom.  He said yes.  At the first potty, Diego did not want to.  Then I asked him if he want to go to the other potty, he said yes.  And sure enough, he did his business there.  I then put his night time diaper on and got him down to sleep.

Fast forward to this morning:  I took off his diaper and notice that it was dry!  So I asked Diego if he wanted to go potty and he said yes.  Eric sat him down and he went.  This is so exciting!!!

Like I said before, no hard core potty training until we come back from Disney but it is so exciting just to know that he can go.