3 Year Stats…

Diego went to the doctor today. He did really good. He didn’t need any shots, not until next year. He had his blood pressure taken for the first time. It was like 90/55 or something like that. His weight is 32 1/2 lbs (60-70%) and he is 40″ tall (90%). He did get a finger prick to check his iron levels. His iron is a bit low but she recommended Flintstone vitamins with iron and cereal fortified with iron.

So his next visit is in one year and he will have to go back to get a flu shot later this year. He is growing quite well. =)


1 thought on “3 Year Stats…”

  1. Those sound good. Collin went for his 5 year check up and got 4 shots. 😦 Poor guy was not happy.

    Oh and flinstones viatmins are yummy!

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