Corporate Challenge 09…

Well, it came and went.  The weather was great.  It was a wee bit too warm but it was better than last year: which was cold and windy. 

My goal was to run it in 42 minutes.  Well, the good news is that I ran it in 38:18 minutes. The bad news it was slower than ’07 (35:52). At least it is over and I did it. The family was waiting for me at mile 3 so that was a nice surprise.

Afterwards, there was pizza, drinks and cookies. That was really nice of the company to provide. Hopefully next year, I’ll do better. Cheers!

Just so I don’t have to be looking for these next year:
2002 52:44
2003 41:50
2004 didn’t do it
2005 was pregnant
2006 didn’t do it
2007 35:52
2008 41:21


1 thought on “Corporate Challenge 09…”

  1. WTG Angie! Congrats on finishing the race within your goal time. I am sure you could run circles around me. 🙂

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