6th Month Appointment…

Gosh, she’s already 6 months old (and almost two weeks).

Her stats:

Weight 16lb 3 oz (60%)
Height 27 in (90%)  😯
Head 16 3/4 in (50%)

She got two shots and an oral. She did fantastic. No crying until the very end and I think because she couldn’t move since the nurse was holding her down.

She can now sit unassisted.  She can push up on her arms.  She really doesn’t roll over yet.  In fact, she just rolled from tummy to back last night.  And I think it was just a fluke.  lol  I am so not in a hurry for her to be mobile so it is on her terms when she wants to hit those milestones.  And as you know, she is eating cereals (rice and oatmeal), fruits (bananas, applesauce, peaches) and veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans).

Otherwise, she is doing what she needs to do and so are we. Next appointment: 3 months (Aug 22).


1 thought on “6th Month Appointment…”

  1. Oh my 6 months already?? WOW She is growing up too fast. I can’t believe it. Need to see some pictures please. 😀

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