First Day of School…

[Yes, I am back dating these posts. Sue me! ;)]

Diego has officially started Pre-K!!! So excited!!! I bought him his book bag the minute I found out he was accepted into his school. So we went to Target and let him pick out his lunch bag. He doesn’t need any school supplies because they will be providing all of that.

Here are some pictures of his first day of school:

Waiting for Mama and Papa
Waiting for us

Going into the building:
Walking into the building

Looking for his classroom:
Looking for his classroom

Found the classroom:
Found it!

He has a locker but it has no door. His teacher, Mrs. Brown, is very nice and Diego seems to like her. We took a family picture a few days prior to the first day of school which Mrs. Brown printed and laminated. He has the picture in his locker so whenever he misses us he can take it out and see us.

I hope he enjoys school. I think he will.


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