Stomach Flu…

No fun. It is horrible. I don’t even wish this on my worst enemy. Ok, maybe. 😉

Diego started on Thursday night and Friday. He work up with a fever so no school for him. Mia got it on Saturday night. She got fever as well. Thank goodness it was quick and over for both of them.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I started. OMG. I never, ever want to go thru this again. EVER. Few hours later, Eric started. We just kept taking turns in the bathroom. It think it was over about 4 am Monday morning. No fever for me but Eric did have one. I think I need to start buying stock in Tylenol. =P Needless to say, but no work for me on Monday.

Eric took Diego to school. I went back to sleep. Slept 4 hours. It was beautiful man. Eric slept too but no as long as me. My back and throat hurts. I feel like I ran but without the running.

I am back at work. I am not 100% but no more rushing to the toilet. I need to eat but a little bit leary in doing so. I hope I survive today. *sigh*


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