no shuffle…

My throat, head, sinus, etc, etc hurts. So no Shamrock Shuffle today. Really, really bummed about it too. I took Mia to dance that morning and the race went right by the building. She wanted to check them out. As I was standing there, I just wanted to jump right in. 😦

I sure hope I am healthier for the Cinco De Miler. I missed that one last year due to illness as well. Keeping my fingers crossed.

NOTE: We did go for a bike ride later that afternoon. 10 miles at the Centennial Bike Trail. We drove to Romeoville, IL. Diego did all 10 miles. Mia did a mile on her balance bike. We also found three caches along the way.

I have to say biking 10 miles is nothing like running 10 miles. lol


Still Sick…

Mia now has a double ear infection. Poor baby. She was doing really well when she first started the antibotics. Her runny nose and coughing went away. But on Monday, she started to get a runny nose. Then the coughing came back. Then she got a fever. Then she woke up with goopy eye. Well, you get the idea: she wasn’t getting better.

So back to the doctor (good thing we had an appointment). She checked her left ear, the infection is worse. She then checked her right ear and the beginnings of an ear infection was seen. She checked her throat and noticed some redness but she thinks it is the drainage that is causing that.

So a new round of antibotics for her. No shots for her, again. Next appointment is March 17. *sigh*

Strep Throat…

That is what Diego has. Poor kid! He threw up last night before going to bed. He felt feverish. So gave him some tylenol and went to bed. This morning, he woke up with a sore throat and feverish. He also threw up again. When he said he had a sore throat, it set off bells for us.

Eric stayed home and got him a doctor’s appointment for later in the afternoon. Diego was not feeling good at all. He wanted Mama but I had to go work. But I did talk to him on the phone. I felt so bad I couldn’t be there for him.

So later, Eric called me and told me it was strep throat. Doctor saw his throat was red and swollen. Goodness. He was prescribed some antibotics for ten days.

I don’t like when when my family is sick. 😦 I am hoping for a quick recovery.

Stomach Flu…

No fun. It is horrible. I don’t even wish this on my worst enemy. Ok, maybe. 😉

Diego started on Thursday night and Friday. He work up with a fever so no school for him. Mia got it on Saturday night. She got fever as well. Thank goodness it was quick and over for both of them.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I started. OMG. I never, ever want to go thru this again. EVER. Few hours later, Eric started. We just kept taking turns in the bathroom. It think it was over about 4 am Monday morning. No fever for me but Eric did have one. I think I need to start buying stock in Tylenol. =P Needless to say, but no work for me on Monday.

Eric took Diego to school. I went back to sleep. Slept 4 hours. It was beautiful man. Eric slept too but no as long as me. My back and throat hurts. I feel like I ran but without the running.

I am back at work. I am not 100% but no more rushing to the toilet. I need to eat but a little bit leary in doing so. I hope I survive today. *sigh*