Strep Throat…

That is what Diego has. Poor kid! He threw up last night before going to bed. He felt feverish. So gave him some tylenol and went to bed. This morning, he woke up with a sore throat and feverish. He also threw up again. When he said he had a sore throat, it set off bells for us.

Eric stayed home and got him a doctor’s appointment for later in the afternoon. Diego was not feeling good at all. He wanted Mama but I had to go work. But I did talk to him on the phone. I felt so bad I couldn’t be there for him.

So later, Eric called me and told me it was strep throat. Doctor saw his throat was red and swollen. Goodness. He was prescribed some antibotics for ten days.

I don’t like when when my family is sick. 😦 I am hoping for a quick recovery.


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