Picture Time…

We took Mia to get her 3 month pictures taken today. My plan was just pictures of Mia since Diego has is own 3 month pictures. Of course, when Diego found out he wanted pictures too. :p

Well, it is only fair since we did not get 3 year portraits for him so now we have 3 1/2 year portraits of him.

We had to really work to get Mia to smile. Granted, it was 6:30 pm and we had to wake her up once we got there. Since we were late, the lady (Yolanda) told us we only had 10 minutes for the session. Mia had two clothing changes so I hoped we could do it quickly. So while Mia was getting her pictures take, I got Diego dressed since I had no time change him at home. The pictures came out so cute. I really do have cute kids which I don’t know how that is possible. 🙂 But I can’t wait to get the pictures.

2nd Month Appointment…

Mia’s 2nd month appointment finally arrived.  I can believe it has been two months (plus three days) since she has arrived. It is just amazing. She can now get on her side, smile, track stuff and “talks.” Just love he baby talk.

Anyway, here are Mia’s stats:

11 lb 13 oz
23 1/2 in long

She got the rotovirus oral med. She threw it up right away. Good thing I had an extra onsie with me. She also got two shots. Poor baby, she cried and cried. She is doing really well. The doctor is very pleased with her development.

Next appointment: March 14.

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First Doctor’s Visit…

For Mia at 8 days old. This is her first trip since getting home 5 days ago.

The doctor wanted to check her her weight and other various body checks.

Mia is gaining weight wonderfully!!! She was 7lb 4oz when born. The lowest weight at the hospital was 6lb 6oz. When she left the hospital on Friday (Nov. 14), she was 6lb 11oz. 5 days later, she is at 7lb 6oz. Yippee!! And also no shots this visit.

Here she is at the doctor’s office.

First Doctor's Visit

Her next appointment is on Dec. 17.