Zoo Day…

Eric suggested going to the zoo this morning. It was supposed to be a great morning/afternoon weather wise. It supposed to get cooler and possible rainy this afternoon.

So after 9:45, we set off to Brookfield Zoo. It was truly a great day. It was sunny and warm. We saw the giraffes, penguins, birds, frogs, crocodile, baboons and whatever other animals we saw from the tram. Before we left, my aunt bought us some cold treats.

Diego was beat. We went to McD to get some chow. Diego ate two nuggets and once I hit the highway, he was knocked out. I was just so tired by the end of the day but it was worth the trip.


No Mexico Trip…

I am so sad. I was so looking forward to this trip but it’s not going to happen. Too much stuff going on: Eric is really busy at work and has a feeling it won’t be able to be done in time, we are trying to refinance the house and it doesn’t looking like it is going to happen in time and just the plain excitement of the trip is not there. *sniff*

Passport Mailed…

I had to check to see when my passport expired since we are planning to travel in May.  It is expiring on May 10, 2008.  So I got my pictures taken, filled out the application, wrote a check out, put everything in a padded envelope, took it to the post office and mailed it.  I need it before April 30.

Any guesses as to when I will get my passport?

Road Trip Baby…

We are finally planning a trip to Mexico.  Yahhooo!  We are planning to go May 1 thru May 21. And yes, we are driving there.  I can’t wait to go.  It will be mango season which a big reason why we are going then.  Plus it is still the dry season so rain won’t ruin our outings.  So now, I have to renew my passport since it is expires sometime in May.

I am just giddy thinking about it. 😀

Disney PhotoPass…

I haven’t uploaded the Disney pictures that we took ourselves but I have our PhotoPass pictures you can view.

I love this service Disney provides. They give you a card with a bar code on it. There are a bunch of photographers scattered around the parks. They take your pictures and assign them to the card. When you get home, you plug the number in their website and it pulls the pictures that are associated with that card. You can have multiple cards and put them under the same account. You can always buy the PhotoCD with all the pictures and be able to print them yourself which is what we did.


Almost Out of Here…

My vacation should start to day at 3 pm.  I have been waiting for this since February.  We still need to pack but we are not taking too much stuff so I think it will be okay.

Disney World, here we come!!!

We will be back December 2.  I am so giddy.  I hope to post pictures during my vacation but can’t guarantee anything. 🙂