giving thanks…

This morning Mia, myself and a few hundred folks assembled food baskets for disadvantaged families for thanksgiving thru Chicago Basket Brigade.

Three of Mia’s girl scout daisies and their families came along for the ride.  It was a wonderful experience.  There was DJ who spun music.  The ladies that were also passing out the biscuits were having fun and making our group very lively.  Mia was  dancing, singing and just having a good time that she didn’t complain about the work she was doing.

She handled the biscuit line: 
“Don’t drop the biscuits!” was a gentle reminder to be nice to the cans.

She also helped assemble a basket:

 It was heavy by the end (there was jello, gravy packets, a pie and a bag of salad added after the second picture was taken) but she managed to get the bundle to the table with help from another volunteer. I had my own and couldn’t quite help her.

We then went back to the biscuit area and she started to put the cans in the trays.

At the end of it all, there was enough food to assemble 1500 baskets.

I hope my little girl understands that we can’t save the whole world but we can do our part by doing good deeds like this.  I hope we do this again next year.


(I know it’s been a while.  Too much going on and I never have time to sit and write stuff down.  Plus my laptop is on its last legs so I don’t want to deal with it.)

Halloween is tomorrow.  Mia is going to be Ana from Frozen.  I was trying to discourage Frozen anything but I will be the fourth  year of Frozen mania so I succumbed.  Plus the costume was 25% off at the Disney Store and I can’t resist a sale.  Diego is going to be a ninja.  He loves it because he can cover his face and be a true ninja (plus he has some nun chucks).

Mia is still a Daisy.  She loves it.  Always looks forward to the meetings.  And I am willing participant.  I am the birthday mom this year.  The gift is a tote bag painted with the daisy flower and personalized with their name and troop number.  It takes about three days (about 8 hrs total time) to paint each one.  Plus they get some hair ties that I had made last year but never got around to giving the out and a birthday month patch.  It’s lots of work but I know Mia loves it.

Diego is still playing soccer.  He is playing for the Chicago Magic PSG since February of this year.  He had lost some spark playing with Chicago Fire.  We had been talking about finding a new team for a couple of months and we knew of a couple of kids that had moved to Magic as well and were happy.  Once we made the change, it was like the spark reignited for Diego.  So so so happy we made the move.

I’m sure there is more but I’ll stop now.  I’ll try to post a Halloween picture tomorrow.  Please cross fingers that it won’t rain.


We have survived our first ever cookie delivery day.  I have never ever seen so many Girl Scout cookies in my life.  Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils oh my!!!  Just check out the cookie craziness that went on:cookie galore!!!

After we were done sorting per cookie type, troop order and scout order, we were finally done.

And now the fun starts. We need to sort all these boxes to fill out orders that our wonderful family, coworkers and friends bought from our Daisy. Here is what 327 boxes of cookies look like:
Mia and her cookies

As you can see, Mia is 5 1/2 Thin Mint cases tall and missing quite a few teeth.

Before you know it, it will be Cookie season again. It will be bigger and better next year. Bring it 2016!!!

girl scout cookies…

The first Girl Scout cookie pre-sale has been successful. My Daisy was the top seller of her troop with 328 boxes sold. She seemed to have had lots of fun selling to friends and family. She was shy at first when selling but eventually she was a pro. So eager to ask anyone to buy cookies from her. She also made a video for Eric’s work selling her wares. That was a hit.

Now that we have a successful pre-sale under our belts we think we can hit 400 boxes next year. The pressure it on!!!!

We are still waiting for our cookie shipment. Only three more days!!!

top cookie seller