Cloth Diaper – Night 3

Diego woke up wet.  More than yesterday but a lot less than Wednesday.  In his crib there was a wet spot.  I think I am giving up on these diapers.  I wonder if there are better ones for him.  I don’t want to stuff the diaper any more since they just his size and don’t want to make him uncomfortable.  At least I tried. =(

I guess it is time to throw the white flag in the ring and return the diapers I bought.  Maybe they have something better.  If not, then back to the Overnights.


1 thought on “Cloth Diaper – Night 3”

  1. My friend Lis used cloth diapers w/ her daughter providence for a longggg time. She told me that disposables just worked better for night time no matter the brand. She used Fuzzi buns or maybe it was another brand. It was a good brand thats all I know. If your boys like my toddler he just pees A LOT! 🙂 so maybe just use those for day time naps? thats what i plan on doing.

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