Cloth Diaper – Night 2

Diego woke up a little damp.  His lounge pants and onesie were the victims. The crib was dry so that was a good thing.  The diaper was soaked but I think it did its job.  After getting some advice yesterday, I wrapped the insert with another cloth diaper before putting it on.  I think that helped a lot.

Eric is still not convinced that cloth diapers are a good thing.  He just doesn’t want to mess with them at all.  My thing is that he hasn’t even changed his cloth diaper these past two days.  I am the one doing this.  I am going to continue doing this for another 5 days.  If it is more trouble than it is worth, then I am returning them.  But so far, the diapers aren’t the trouble, it is Eric who is.  So I wonder if I can return him and will I get my money back?  😉


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