Okay, I haven’t really been stressing about kindergarden but now I am. Diego was tested for the gifted/classical program back in November. Eric applied to 20 different schools back in October. Just this week the letters were sent out to see if Diego has been accepted in any of those schools. We have only gotten two letters as of yesterday and they were both telling us that Diego was waitlisted.

Now, we found out that the rest of the letters were mailed out yesterday. I need to go home and check the mail. I don’t know if I can wait until after work. 😯 Doesn’t he know that the weight of his sister’s education is on his shoulders??? Poor kid.


Not good. Took Mia to the doctor yesterday and she still has her ear infections. The good thing is that the left ear looks like it is healing but the bad news is the right ear is worse. So another round of antibotics with some finger’s crossed tossed in and hope that when we go on March 31, Mia’s ears will be clear.

Also not good, Diego failed his vision exam at school. So we got a referral to a pediatic eye doctor. And the appointment also happens to be on March 31.

Less than three months and Diego will be out of school. Just counting the days. 😉

It’s Only March…

So, it was pink eye. The doctor checked Diego’s lungs and ears which were fine. Just the pink eye. He thinks what ever Mia has, Diego has but instead of ear infections, he gets pink eye. He got eye drops which he has been taking them just fine. I am so glad my kids do not fight meds. If they did, we would in major trouble.

So, back to my title: It’s only March and we’ve taken Diego to the doctor twice (strep throat and pink eye). Mia has gone twice and will be going a third time next week for her ear follow up and her shots (I hope). Eric has gone to the doctor once and that was just for a physical. FIVE doctor visits and it is only the first week of March. I haven’t gone but I have been thinking about since this cold is just going and going forever.

Will spring relieve us from our illnesses? I sure hope so. *keeping my fingers crossed*

Pink Eye…

Maybe? Hope not? Looks like Diego may have pink eye. His teacher called. It seems that it is going around his school. Made a doctor’s appointment at 4:30 for today. Hopefully it is not pink eye.

I just wish both of my kids and both of us were ill-free. I just hope once this passes we won’t be sick for a very, very long time. I’ll update later.

Strep Throat…

That is what Diego has. Poor kid! He threw up last night before going to bed. He felt feverish. So gave him some tylenol and went to bed. This morning, he woke up with a sore throat and feverish. He also threw up again. When he said he had a sore throat, it set off bells for us.

Eric stayed home and got him a doctor’s appointment for later in the afternoon. Diego was not feeling good at all. He wanted Mama but I had to go work. But I did talk to him on the phone. I felt so bad I couldn’t be there for him.

So later, Eric called me and told me it was strep throat. Doctor saw his throat was red and swollen. Goodness. He was prescribed some antibotics for ten days.

I don’t like when when my family is sick. 😦 I am hoping for a quick recovery.


Finally!! Diego has been asking to go sledding for quite a while now. Last time it snowed, we weren’t even here. But it has been snowing since this morning so there was about 6 inches to take advantage of.

Plus it was Mia’s first time in the snow so that was fun. She had a good time. Caught her putting her hand/mitten in the snow while I was pulling her. She is using Diego’s little sled while he had the new big boy sled. His sled turned over a few times in the snow but Diego did not mind. He was just having lots of fun. I think we all did. 🙂

It was dark so not many pictures were taken.

I got to pull Mia. And Eric had the honor to spill Diego every few minutes. 😆

Mia’s 1st time sledding. She had a big grin the whole time she was on the sled.
Girl's 1st Time Sledding

Bad picture but keeping it anyway. Love the way there is a snowflake on Diego’s nose.
Boy and Papa

We might go out tomorrow if the snow is still nice. I know Diego wants to go again.


Finally, there is some snow on the ground. Diego was happy to see it and even said he wanted to go sledding. Poor kid. I don’t even think there was more than two inches on the ground for that.

Plus, he had to stay home today since he had a fever last night and this morning. Sent his teacher a note and she replied there were 6 kids out. That is quite a number since there is only 21 students in his class.

Hopefully, he will okay tomorrow to go school and wear his new snow boots. I am sure he’ll be looking forward to that.

She’s A Walking…

I have proof. Really. Look:

Mmmm, okay maybe not. How about now?

See told ya. She is getting better and better everyday. It’s probably been two weeks since she started to walk. She is at the point where she falls down and she stands up on her own and continues with her walk. So cute.

And this picture shows her four teeth:
look at me

Diego was there too. Here is one of him:

It was a beautiful day at the park. It was probably mid 60 when we were there. Not shabby for a day in early November.

Diego Funny…

This morning on the way to day care, Diego was telling me the things he needs: Go Diego Go shoes, Go Diego Go shorts, Go Diego Go shirt, Go Diego Go backpack, Go Diego Go etc. He was like “Got that Mama?” And I said yes, I am writing it down on my list, which I wasn’t but I was taking mental notes. He asked where the list was. And I answered “It’s in my head”. Which to he responed “Did you eat it?” 😛 Eric and I just about peed our pants laughing. Love that kid!