Stupid person…

We were driving home last night.  It was snowing and snowing.  We were driving on an unplowed side street, you know the kind the city plows last.  We were heading towards a intersection with the green light for us.  Eric was probably driving 10-15 mph.  We saw a guy who starts crossing the street without even looking to see if anyone is coming. Eric softly starts to break but he started to slide. Thankfully, the guy was already more that half way across the street but still! If he would have hit the guy, whose fault would it be? Eric’s of course.  I just couldn’t wait to get home.

I wonder what the guys was think when he decided to cross the street.  There was a bus stopped at corner so maybe he just wanted to get to it.  But still, should he just look both ways before crossing the street?  He did not even do that.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

According to the meterologist, the storm advisery is extended from midnight to 9 am tomorrow.  I just can’t wait for this snowstorm to be over.


1 thought on “Stupid person…”

  1. If the guy was in the crosswalk it would probably still be considered Eric’s fault, despite the light. If he wasn’t then he was jaywalking, and then it would’ve been his own fault.

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