back to school…

Ahh, the first day of school has arrived and gone. I have a first grader in my hands now. New building, new room, new teacher, new and old friends. He has been signed up for the after school program, chess and hip hop.

back at school

We also had a sad little girl who wishes she was going to school as well. We thought she was going to have a hard time letting him go, but she was a trooper. No tears. One more year and she will be off to pre-school. I’m excited for her.


I’m hoping a smooth year. Only 169 days left. 😛



Just potty since we haven’t starting the training yet. But I think Mia is this/close for it though.

Mia has been showing interest in using the potty lately. She has been showing the normal signs. The good thing is that when Diego’s, she does too. I am not ready to start the full on training but when she asks to use the potty, she will be catered. Not going to say no. 🙂

So for the past week or so, she has done number 1 three times in the potty. I think it shocks her the fact that she can do something like that. Today was a much bigger shock: she managed to go number 2. Diego, me and Mia were just staring at the potty like OMG. It was awesome. We did high fives and Way to Go’s. After the shock wore off, she was very proud of herself. We dumped in the toilet and had her do the honors of flushing. We all said “bye-bye” as it flushed away.

If she continues to ask to go to the potty/toilet, we will help her out. I only have one more box of diapers. And that is it. Then we move on to Pull Ups and full on potty training. Mia is growing up. How is that even possible? 😉

she’s two…

She's Two!!!

Mia is officially two. Two years ago, my little girl came into my world and completed my family. I love her to bits. I still can’t believe that my little baby girl is now a toddler girl.

Happy 2nd birthday Mia! I love you so much. *smooch*


Mia slept thru the night. Why is this so exciting? The last time she did that was May 20, 2009. This is 523 days ago.

And I am not holding my breath on this. It was nice to wake to not find her there. Let’s see when the next time Mia sleeps in her bed all night long. 🙂

18th Month Appointment…

Finally, we took Mia for her 18 month get well visit. She gained weight and she did grow.

weight 21 lb 8 oz (10%)
length 32 3/4 in (75%)
head circ 18 1/4 (40%)

Still tall and lean. Doing well. Only concern (but a only a little): she is not really saying much. The only words she really says are Mama, Papa, Hi, Bye, Stop it, ta-da, Go, (Die)go, No. We are just going to keep an ear on her vocabulary for the next six months. But she does a lot of baby talk and she points and stuff so not a big worry at the moment.

She got three shots. I missed them this time around because I had to run to the washroom so by the time I got back, it was over. Poor kiddo.

She goes back in 6 months.

And earlier in the day, she had her first dentist’s appointment which did not go well. Eric had to hold her legs with his legs, wrap his arm around her arms and had to use his free arm to help keep her head from moving while her teeth were being cleaned. She cried for the whole exam. I am so glad I wasn’t there. I think I would have freaked. BUT she did not have any cavities which was worth the visit. She just had a lot of build up. She did get a Dora sticker. 🙂

I think she goes back to the dentist in 6 months.

And Diego did go to the dentist as well. Perfect set of teeth. Perfect patient. Just my perfect little guy. (Couldn’t help adding that since this post is more about Mia than Diego.)

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Still Sick…

Mia now has a double ear infection. Poor baby. She was doing really well when she first started the antibotics. Her runny nose and coughing went away. But on Monday, she started to get a runny nose. Then the coughing came back. Then she got a fever. Then she woke up with goopy eye. Well, you get the idea: she wasn’t getting better.

So back to the doctor (good thing we had an appointment). She checked her left ear, the infection is worse. She then checked her right ear and the beginnings of an ear infection was seen. She checked her throat and noticed some redness but she thinks it is the drainage that is causing that.

So a new round of antibotics for her. No shots for her, again. Next appointment is March 17. *sigh*

15 Months…

Mia had her 15 month old check up today. (OMG SHE IS FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD ALREADY!!!) She is doing well. As always, she hated: being weighed, measured (both head and body) & her heart and lungs checked. But she did stay put for her eye and ears. Gotta love her diva-ness.

Her stats are:
Weight: ~20 lbs (10%)
Height: 32 in (90%)
Head: 17 3/4 (25%)

The doctor told her something I will never ever hear in my lifetime ( 😉 ): She is tall and skinny. 😛 She sure is. Love that girl.

I also mentioned that Mia’s had a slight cold for a few weeks. So when she checked her ears, she right away said she had a small ear infection(!!!). So she was prescribed some antibotics. Since she is sick, she got out of her shots. But when we go for her followup in two weeks, she won’t.

Next appointment: March 3.

New Kicks…

Mia is now a proud owner of her first walkers. She has only been using Robeez or Pedipeds but it was time for real walking shoes. They are nice and flexible so it should be a nice transition for her. She was trying them out yesterday and she kept looking down at them. She was probably thinking “What in the world?”

Another first for my little one. *sigh*

First Hair Cut…

Mia finally got her first hair cut at Kidsnips.  Poor kid really needed one.  So before the holiday festivies started, we took her to get all her hairs snipped.

Punk Rocker Hair

It started well. Molly put some Dora on the TV. Then the cutting commenced. No crying. Then she started to get a bit ansy but still sitting fine.

The Calm Before the Storm

Molly was done with the cutting. But the minute she started putting some flower clips to style Mia’s hair, the water works started. *sigh*

Waterworks Started!

The obligatory first hair cut picture was taken. We were given a cute certificate with a lock of her hair and picture. Even though she was cranky, she still looked really cute and we love the new hair.

All Done

One Year Checkup…

I can’t believe Mia is already one.  Yes, she has been for at least two weeks but it still comes as a shock.  She had her one year doctor visit today and here are her stats:

Weight: 19 lbs (20%)
Height: 30 3/4 in (90%)
Head: 17 3/4 in (50%)

She had three shots today: flu, H1N1 and PCV-7. She was not in a great mood to begin with so the shot were not fun. But we all survived. Diego had his H1N1 shot. He doesn’t cry for shots but since he witnessed Mia’s crying for her shots, he just did not want it. But the minute the nurse was done, he just started laughing. Poor kid.

Next appointment: end of Feburary or beginning of March.