Good-bye March…

To end on a good note, Mia is ear infection free. That was after three rounds of antibiotics. So happy about that.

On to the bad news, Diego has astigmatism. So he will need to wear glasses for a few months before going back to the eye doctor for a follow up. I’m okay with that. Not sure about Eric. He blames me for passing on my genes. =P So we are going tomorrow or Friday to get him some glasses.

Also, I am feeling so much better. I will probably sign up for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Need to start running again. Eeeecckkk!

Hopefully, April will be a better month for us.


Not good. Took Mia to the doctor yesterday and she still has her ear infections. The good thing is that the left ear looks like it is healing but the bad news is the right ear is worse. So another round of antibotics with some finger’s crossed tossed in and hope that when we go on March 31, Mia’s ears will be clear.

Also not good, Diego failed his vision exam at school. So we got a referral to a pediatic eye doctor. And the appointment also happens to be on March 31.

Less than three months and Diego will be out of school. Just counting the days. 😉

It’s Only March…

So, it was pink eye. The doctor checked Diego’s lungs and ears which were fine. Just the pink eye. He thinks what ever Mia has, Diego has but instead of ear infections, he gets pink eye. He got eye drops which he has been taking them just fine. I am so glad my kids do not fight meds. If they did, we would in major trouble.

So, back to my title: It’s only March and we’ve taken Diego to the doctor twice (strep throat and pink eye). Mia has gone twice and will be going a third time next week for her ear follow up and her shots (I hope). Eric has gone to the doctor once and that was just for a physical. FIVE doctor visits and it is only the first week of March. I haven’t gone but I have been thinking about since this cold is just going and going forever.

Will spring relieve us from our illnesses? I sure hope so. *keeping my fingers crossed*

Still Sick…

Mia now has a double ear infection. Poor baby. She was doing really well when she first started the antibotics. Her runny nose and coughing went away. But on Monday, she started to get a runny nose. Then the coughing came back. Then she got a fever. Then she woke up with goopy eye. Well, you get the idea: she wasn’t getting better.

So back to the doctor (good thing we had an appointment). She checked her left ear, the infection is worse. She then checked her right ear and the beginnings of an ear infection was seen. She checked her throat and noticed some redness but she thinks it is the drainage that is causing that.

So a new round of antibotics for her. No shots for her, again. Next appointment is March 17. *sigh*

15 Months…

Mia had her 15 month old check up today. (OMG SHE IS FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD ALREADY!!!) She is doing well. As always, she hated: being weighed, measured (both head and body) & her heart and lungs checked. But she did stay put for her eye and ears. Gotta love her diva-ness.

Her stats are:
Weight: ~20 lbs (10%)
Height: 32 in (90%)
Head: 17 3/4 (25%)

The doctor told her something I will never ever hear in my lifetime ( 😉 ): She is tall and skinny. 😛 She sure is. Love that girl.

I also mentioned that Mia’s had a slight cold for a few weeks. So when she checked her ears, she right away said she had a small ear infection(!!!). So she was prescribed some antibotics. Since she is sick, she got out of her shots. But when we go for her followup in two weeks, she won’t.

Next appointment: March 3.


Finally!! Diego has been asking to go sledding for quite a while now. Last time it snowed, we weren’t even here. But it has been snowing since this morning so there was about 6 inches to take advantage of.

Plus it was Mia’s first time in the snow so that was fun. She had a good time. Caught her putting her hand/mitten in the snow while I was pulling her. She is using Diego’s little sled while he had the new big boy sled. His sled turned over a few times in the snow but Diego did not mind. He was just having lots of fun. I think we all did. 🙂

It was dark so not many pictures were taken.

I got to pull Mia. And Eric had the honor to spill Diego every few minutes. 😆

Mia’s 1st time sledding. She had a big grin the whole time she was on the sled.
Girl's 1st Time Sledding

Bad picture but keeping it anyway. Love the way there is a snowflake on Diego’s nose.
Boy and Papa

We might go out tomorrow if the snow is still nice. I know Diego wants to go again.