It’s Only March…

So, it was pink eye. The doctor checked Diego’s lungs and ears which were fine. Just the pink eye. He thinks what ever Mia has, Diego has but instead of ear infections, he gets pink eye. He got eye drops which he has been taking them just fine. I am so glad my kids do not fight meds. If they did, we would in major trouble.

So, back to my title: It’s only March and we’ve taken Diego to the doctor twice (strep throat and pink eye). Mia has gone twice and will be going a third time next week for her ear follow up and her shots (I hope). Eric has gone to the doctor once and that was just for a physical. FIVE doctor visits and it is only the first week of March. I haven’t gone but I have been thinking about since this cold is just going and going forever.

Will spring relieve us from our illnesses? I sure hope so. *keeping my fingers crossed*


Still Sick…

Mia now has a double ear infection. Poor baby. She was doing really well when she first started the antibotics. Her runny nose and coughing went away. But on Monday, she started to get a runny nose. Then the coughing came back. Then she got a fever. Then she woke up with goopy eye. Well, you get the idea: she wasn’t getting better.

So back to the doctor (good thing we had an appointment). She checked her left ear, the infection is worse. She then checked her right ear and the beginnings of an ear infection was seen. She checked her throat and noticed some redness but she thinks it is the drainage that is causing that.

So a new round of antibotics for her. No shots for her, again. Next appointment is March 17. *sigh*

15 Months…

Mia had her 15 month old check up today. (OMG SHE IS FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD ALREADY!!!) She is doing well. As always, she hated: being weighed, measured (both head and body) & her heart and lungs checked. But she did stay put for her eye and ears. Gotta love her diva-ness.

Her stats are:
Weight: ~20 lbs (10%)
Height: 32 in (90%)
Head: 17 3/4 (25%)

The doctor told her something I will never ever hear in my lifetime ( 😉 ): She is tall and skinny. 😛 She sure is. Love that girl.

I also mentioned that Mia’s had a slight cold for a few weeks. So when she checked her ears, she right away said she had a small ear infection(!!!). So she was prescribed some antibotics. Since she is sick, she got out of her shots. But when we go for her followup in two weeks, she won’t.

Next appointment: March 3.


Finally!! Diego has been asking to go sledding for quite a while now. Last time it snowed, we weren’t even here. But it has been snowing since this morning so there was about 6 inches to take advantage of.

Plus it was Mia’s first time in the snow so that was fun. She had a good time. Caught her putting her hand/mitten in the snow while I was pulling her. She is using Diego’s little sled while he had the new big boy sled. His sled turned over a few times in the snow but Diego did not mind. He was just having lots of fun. I think we all did. 🙂

It was dark so not many pictures were taken.

I got to pull Mia. And Eric had the honor to spill Diego every few minutes. 😆

Mia’s 1st time sledding. She had a big grin the whole time she was on the sled.
Girl's 1st Time Sledding

Bad picture but keeping it anyway. Love the way there is a snowflake on Diego’s nose.
Boy and Papa

We might go out tomorrow if the snow is still nice. I know Diego wants to go again.

New Kicks…

Mia is now a proud owner of her first walkers. She has only been using Robeez or Pedipeds but it was time for real walking shoes. They are nice and flexible so it should be a nice transition for her. She was trying them out yesterday and she kept looking down at them. She was probably thinking “What in the world?”

Another first for my little one. *sigh*

First Hair Cut…

Mia finally got her first hair cut at Kidsnips.  Poor kid really needed one.  So before the holiday festivies started, we took her to get all her hairs snipped.

Punk Rocker Hair

It started well. Molly put some Dora on the TV. Then the cutting commenced. No crying. Then she started to get a bit ansy but still sitting fine.

The Calm Before the Storm

Molly was done with the cutting. But the minute she started putting some flower clips to style Mia’s hair, the water works started. *sigh*

Waterworks Started!

The obligatory first hair cut picture was taken. We were given a cute certificate with a lock of her hair and picture. Even though she was cranky, she still looked really cute and we love the new hair.

All Done

One Year Checkup…

I can’t believe Mia is already one.  Yes, she has been for at least two weeks but it still comes as a shock.  She had her one year doctor visit today and here are her stats:

Weight: 19 lbs (20%)
Height: 30 3/4 in (90%)
Head: 17 3/4 in (50%)

She had three shots today: flu, H1N1 and PCV-7. She was not in a great mood to begin with so the shot were not fun. But we all survived. Diego had his H1N1 shot. He doesn’t cry for shots but since he witnessed Mia’s crying for her shots, he just did not want it. But the minute the nurse was done, he just started laughing. Poor kid.

Next appointment: end of Feburary or beginning of March.

Happy 1st Birthday Mia…

I can’t believe that Mia is now one year old. I really can’t say that if flew by with this one. I am basically a walking zombie. 😀 She just won’t sleep thru the night. Only twice she has done it. I guess when she finally does, it will much more sweeter.

But really, if that is the only thing I can complain about, I am blessed. She is such a wonderful little girl. She is walking, starting to talk more, starting to give kisses (sigh) and I am sure there will be more.

Loved by her parents and adored by her big brother, Diego. I am so happy she is in our life. *sigh*

Here is she is two days old doing her diva pose:

And here is her birthday pose:
My little one is ONE!

Her one year get well appointment is Nov. 27 so it will be a while before I put up her stats.

Happy birthday Mia! Love you lots.

She’s A Walking…

I have proof. Really. Look:

Mmmm, okay maybe not. How about now?

See told ya. She is getting better and better everyday. It’s probably been two weeks since she started to walk. She is at the point where she falls down and she stands up on her own and continues with her walk. So cute.

And this picture shows her four teeth:
look at me

Diego was there too. Here is one of him:

It was a beautiful day at the park. It was probably mid 60 when we were there. Not shabby for a day in early November.

So Close…

Mia took three steps today. She has been taking a half a step for the past few weeks but never a full step until tonight. THREE.WHOLE.STEPS. So excited for her but another challenge for us. 😆 We were trying to get her to do it again but she got wise and would just drop on her tush and crawl. She is so close to walking. I have a feeling she may be walking by her birthday. 😯

Another teeth update: Her upper front tooth (the right one) finally cut thru her gum. I thought that day wasn’t going to get here soon enough. And I think there will be more coming because I feel her right one and you can see the whites for the other ones too. She may be getting all four upper teeth coming at once. Poor baby.

I am hoping once all those teeth cut thru, she will sleep better at night. We’ll see.*crossing fingers*